Thu. Sep 16th, 2021

Aspen Fuel

As the first dealer of Aspen fuel in Ontario we have been seeing amazing benefits with this product.  In fact it’s the ONLY fuel we use for servicing and our new products are PDI’d with it.  We don’t let any pump fuel into our shop.  Unless it’s inside a machine already,  in theses cases we are draining that out usually because it is in for a fuel system service.

To keep things short and to the point this page will explain to you WHAT Aspen fuel is;   WHY you should be using it;   WHERE you can get it,   WHEN you need to use it;   WHO the company is behind it;   and HOW it works.

Regardless of the claims from fuel suppliers, there will always be some of the previous consumer’s fuel in the pipe after you select the grade of fuel you wish to buy.  This can reach up to 11 liters or more of the previous fuel in the nozzle and hose before it gets back to the selecting valve so saying you run “premium” or a brand claiming to have zero ethanol is not a guarantee.

 Alkylate is the main component of Aspen Fuel.  Being one of the purest petroleum products that can be produced alkylate is a synthetically produced petrol component.  It can only be produced by a small number of refineries around the world.  Completely different than regular automotive pump fuel.  This fuel is not a stabilizer, it is a fuel itself.  This amazing product has a long history, but being new to our local market it can be a lot for one to take in.

Aspen fuel comes in both conventional 4 stroke (non-mixed) fuel for mowers and tractors (it is also a great camp fuel for any stove or lantern that can handle multi fuels) and 2 stroke pre-mixed fuel at 50:1 acceptable for most 2 stroke products like chainsaws, string trimmers and other hand held products. If you have your own 2 cycle oil that you like to use such as Opti2 or Amsoil etc. you can always add that oil to the Aspen 4 product

What is Aspen Fuel ?

Aspen fuel is specifically designed for the Outdoor Power Equipment industry and small engines. It has zero ethanol, virtually no Benzine and comes in both regular for 4 stroke engines and pre-mixed for 2 stroke engines.

Aspen fuel works in the fact it will not break down, it will not form gum and crystallized deposits in the fuel system and having zero ethanol it will not attract moisture form the air and reconstitute it back into water inside your fuel tank.

Why you should use it ?

Regular pump gas starts to break down and degrade in as little as 30 days, it is also full of “filler chemicals” similar to cheap meats and foods that have “fillers” in them to increase volume.  Aspen on the other hand is made of up only 3 components unlike the up to 200+ chemicals in automotive fuels.

This lets Aspen store for a really long time, up to 5+ if the container is kept closed and out of direct sun to prevent evaporation.  Protecting your equipment and systems from costly repairs in the future due to stale fuel in the near future is our biggest reason for switching to Aspen. (and we have tried the others, won’t don’t sell or use them for a reason)

Where can you get these magical unicorn tears ?

Aspen fuel is a Dealer only product, you cannot get this at your mass retailer. It is however available at Barr’s Small Engines and over 97 other dealers in Ontario and over 350 dealers across Canada.

When should I use Aspen fuel ?

We highly recommend you use Aspen fuel 100% of time in all your gas powered equipment. This will prevent any fuel related issues from automotive fuel going bad or ethanol creating water contamination and phase separation. 

We also realize this product my be expensive to use every day, things like Lawn tractors and daily use products will run just fine on fresh automotive fuel, however if you anticipate storing your equipment for more than 30 days or you don’t use your fuel supply in 30 days we suggest using Aspen fuel. The added expense is huge savings if you were to required fuel system servicing on your equipment. 

More information below on how to properly store your equipment with Aspen fuel.

Who is Aspen anyway ?

Aspen fuel is a product of Sweden and is owned by Lantmännen.  Lantmännen is one of Scandinavia’s largest groups within food, machinery, energy and agriculture industries.  Owned by 35,000 Swedish farmers, has around 10,000 employees and operates in 22 countries.   

Just how does it work ?

work – /wərk/ 
See definitions in: verb
(of a machine or system) operate or function, especially properly or effectively.
Similar: function, go, run, operate, perform, – be in working order
What Aspen fuel does is work, it doens’t break down, it’s ready to run and do what it was designed to each and every start. Other fuels have such a short shelf life that they “work” for a little while then get lazy with gum and deposits and just want to stop working.
The biggest advantage is that it’s refined at a much higher quality, without getting super technical think of water, you can have lake water, then you can have filtered city water, purified for drinking, well aspen would be the distilled version or water, nothing left but the actual fuel.
Don’t think of this as being concentrated, it’s still a medium octane of 92 which is safe to run in almost all engines and will not give more power, it will be consumed at the same rate but it won’t leave behind any junk or sediment and burns much cleaner so in fact operating in the vicinity of exhaust is safer for the operator.

For the occasional user:

Definition – Intermittent user with long storage periods – equipment used once every month or two, snow products dependent on weather conditions, backup generator(s) that sit with out running for long periods etc.

  • Use either Aspen 4 or Aspen 2 for your daily fuel source
  • Provides up to 5 years of being fresh

Using Aspen fuel this way is the most cost effective.  Although Aspen can be up to ten times more expensive than readily available fuel from your local gas station.  However if your products sit and the fuel turns bad causing contamination or fuel system issues the cost of repair will be guaranteed more than if you don’t use it.

For the daily user:

Definition – Products used daily, or weekly during a season then stored for off season.

  • Use automotive fuel for the season of use
  • Purchase only small amounts of automotive fuel (30 day supply or less)
  • Run equipment empty at the end of the season or before storage for more than 30 days
  • Fill with Aspen4 or Aspen2 then run equipment for 5 minutes to ‘flush out’ automotive fuel from fuel lines and carb before storage.
  • Shut off machine and store for off season. (NO stabilizer required)

A short video on Aspen as a company and its product.

New lower Aspen Fuel Pricing !

Aspen fuel come in container sizes 1 Litre, 5 Litre, 20 Litre, 60 Litre and 200 Litre for both 2 cycle and 4 cycle fuels.

Two cycle fuel prices:

1 L – $8.25
5 L – $38.15
20 L – $160.55
60 L – $448.49
200 L – $1,457.35

Four cycle fuel prices:

1 L – $8.15
5 L – $35.35
20 L – $149.49
60 L – $414.59
200 L – $1,344.29

Barr’s Small Engines will offer free delivery on any orders exceeding 200 Liters with in 50 KM of our location in Georgetown, ON