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Aspen Fuel

As the first dealer of Aspen fuel in Ontario we have been seeing amazing benefits with this product.  In fact it’s the ONLY fuel we use for servicing and our new products are assembled with it.  We don’t let any pump fuel into our shop.  Unless it’s inside a machine already,  in theses cases we are draining that out usually because it is in for a fuel system service.

Aspen Fuel

Barr’s Small Engines has found in recent years even the best fuel stabilizers are not living up to their claims.  Today it’s harder keeping your fuel fresh and in-turn letting you down when you need your equipment the most. This is why we recommend Aspen fuel for all Small Engines & Outdoor Power Equipment.

To keep things short and to the point this page will explain to you WHAT Aspen fuel is; WHY you should be using it; WHERE you can get it, WHEN you need to use it; WHO the company is behind it; and HOW it works.

Aspen fuel is an alternative to automotive fuel for use in small engines.  Aspen fuel does not breakdown as soon as 30 days like most commercially available fuels at your local gas station.  Available at Barr’s Small Engines and over 97 other dealers in Ontario and over 350 dealers across Canada.  Aspen fuel was designed to be used as a full time fuel for your power equipment, not just in preparation of storage.  Although due to cost we have found many customers use it for seasonal storage.

Depending on your individual needs we can assist you with the best scenarios for use. Aspen fuel is a product of Sweden and is owned by Lantmännen.  Lantmännen is one of Scandinavia’s largest groups within food, machinery, energy and agriculture.  Owned by 33,500 Swedish farmers, has around 8600 employees and operates in 22 countries.  Aspen fuel works in the fact it will not break down, it will not form gum and crystallized deposits in the fuel system and having zero ethanol it will not attract moisture form the air and reconstitute it back into water inside your fuel tank.

Regardless of the claims from fuel suppliers, there will always be some of the previous consumer’s fuel in the pipe after you select the grade of fuel you wish to buy.  This can reach up to 11 liters or more of the previous fuel in the nozzle and hose before it gets back to the selecting valve so saying you run “premium” or a brand claiming to have zero ethanol is not a guarantee.

 Alkylate is the main component of Aspen Fuel.  Being one of the purest petroleum products that can be produced alkylate is a synthetically produced petrol component.  It can only be produced by a small number of refineries around the world.  Completely different than regular automotive pump fuel.  This fuel is not a stabilizer, it is a fuel itself.  This amazing product has a long history, but being new to our local market it can be a lot for one to take in.

Aspen fuel comes in both conventional 4 stroke (non-mixed) fuel for mowers and tractors (it is also a great camp fuel for any stove or lantern that can handle multi fuels) and 2 stroke pre-mixed fuel at 50:1 acceptable for most 2 stroke products like chainsaws, string trimmers and other hand held products. If you have your own 2 cycle oil that you like to use such as Opti2 or Amsoil etc. you can always add that oil to the Aspen 4 product

The majority of our service work is a result of bad fuel.  Stale, contaminated or compromised in one way or another.  In these cases we generally need to remove the carburetor to clean it and flush the entire fuel system.  We add Aspen for the start up and only use Aspen in our shop and for all service work. In the past we have found customers may pick up a machine and may not use it for 6 months to a year.  At that time regular automotive fuel will certainly go bad regardless of the stabilizer you choose.  This brought back a lot of re-work. The use of Aspen fuel we have stopped 100% of these returning machines from long term storage.

How to use Aspen Fuel

Occasional User:

Definition – intermittent user with long storage periods – equipment used once every month or two, snow products dependent on weather conditions, backup generator(s) that sit with out running for long periods etc.

  • Use either Aspen 4 or Aspen 2 for your daily fuel source
  • Provides up to 5 years of being fresh

Using Aspen fuel this way is the most cost effective.  Although Aspen can be up to ten times more expensive than readily available fuel from your local gas station.  However if your products sit and the fuel turns bad causing contamination or fuel system issues the cost of repair will be guaranteed more than if you don’t use it.

Daily user / Seasonal user:

Definition – Products used daily, or weekly during a season then stored for off season.

  • Use automotive fuel for the season of use
  • Purchase only small amounts of automotive fuel (30 day supply or less)
  • Run equipment empty at the end of the season or before storage for more than 30 days
  • Fill with Aspen4 or Aspen2 then run equipment for 5 minutes to ‘flush out’ automotive fuel from fuel lines and carb before storage.
  • Shut off machine and store for off season. (NO stabilizer required)

Aspen fuel can be up to as much as 99% cleaner than regular pump gas.  With virtually zero benzene and other aromatic hydrocarbons.  Aspen burns cleaner  and produces less aggressive emissions which makes running gas powered products more enjoyable to users who are sensitive to the smell of exhaust.

When you use Aspen fuel you avoid virtually all of the hazardous substances – like benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons that may cause serious health problems either now or in the future.  The engine also runs better; spark plugs & cylinders stay cleaner, for longer and Aspen does not go bad during storage, so your engine will start even when it’s not been used for a long time.

There are plenty of environmental benefits too.  Alkylate fuel, for example, produces 40% less ground-level ozone (smog) than traditional fuels. If spilled on the ground Aspen fuel will evaporate before it can contaminate the ground.  Aspen 2 has a fully biodegradable synthetic oil.


Aspen Fuel  Individual  Volume
Aspen 4 x 1 Litre  $                   8.99  $                 8.09
Aspen 4 x 5 Litre  $                 44.95  $               40.46
Aspen 4 BULK – when avail.  $                 7.28
Aspen 2 x 1 Litre  $                  9.49  $                 8.54
Aspen 2 x 5 Litre  $                 43.99  $               39.59
Aspen Diesel 5 Litre  $                 49.99  $               44.99
Aspen Race 20 Litre  $               188.46 Special Order
Aspen Race 200 Litre  $           2,030.00  Special Order

*Volume price on standard package qualities. 1L = 12, 5L=3

Free Local delivery within 75km of Georgetown on any orders over 200L 

Small engines are often uncomplicated and, from a technical perspective, simple engines with poor combustion. That means that a lot of the fuel remains un-burnt. This has a negative impact on both the environment and on you, the user.

Aspen Fuel

Aspen4 x 1L
Aspen4 x 5L
Aspen2 x 5L
Aspen2 x 1L

Many different packages and options are available for Aspen fuel. Aspen 4 designed for 4 cycle products is the most popular. Packing comes in 1L, 5L, 20L, 60L and 200L containers. The 1 & 5 Litres are the most popular and easiest to manage. (pictured left)

As full synthetic mixed fuel designed for 2 cycle equipment and engines that require a mixed fuel Aspen 2 comes in 1L, 5L, 20L, 60L and 200L containers. The 1 & 5 Litres are the most popular and easiest to manage. (Pictured Right)

Aspen Fuel – Aspen+

An environmentally-adapted high octane petrol, specially developed fuel for competition cars, motor cycles, snow-mobiles, outboard motors and other demanding applications where maximum performance is required.  This product gives the lowest environmental impact and health risks.
Aspen+ is a purer petrol, more or less free from harmful components such as benzene.

Aspen Racing

Racing fuel knows as Aspen R is a competition fuel that has been developed for all types of motorsport. Aspen R always has a consistent quality, which facilitates optimum adjustment in the engine. It has the highest octane rating RON 102/MON 90 according to FIAs international regulations.

 Video about Aspen & Lantmännen

Aspen – Short version (ENG) from Aspen on Vimeo.