Thu. Sep 16th, 2021

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About Barr's Small Engines

Barr’s Small Engines was incorporated in 2010 after the owner, Greg Barr left Power Source Canada where he worked as the Education Co-Director.  Greg spent most of his days training dealers on updates, warranty procedures and advanced dealer technical support for Briggs & Stratton engines and power equipment, as well as Hydro-Gear transaxles and Dolmar (now Makita) chainsaws and handheld power products.

Greg has over 24 years experience in the small engine and outdoor power equipment industry.  Starting his career as a co-op student in Milton with a strong dealer ship which sold and serviced many of the same brands Barr’s Small engines now does and having the opportunity to work at many dealerships along the way allows Barr’s Small Engines to offer professional service to all makes.

Barr’s Small Engines is a small ‘grass roots’ dealership, most of the time it’s a one-man operation with casual help during busy seasons.  This allows Greg to be dedicated to every job and offer an above quality of service for customers who want a true premium craftsmanship and higher quality of service. 

Our prices aren’t cheap, and during busy seasons our turn around times can get backed up, but that just shows how much of a demand our services are in.  Barr’s Small Engines provides a higher level of service and more professional quality products than our competition, and those two things due come at a premium cost. 

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What we do

Barr’s Small Engines is your Georgetown area warranty dealer for Honda, Briggs & Stratton, and Kohler Engines.  Oregon, Redmax. BE Power Equipment and more.  We offer new Sales of professional equipment, over the counter parts for the DIY customer, Pick up and Delivery service for those who require it.

Our core service is, well our service. We pride ourselves on the highest quality repairs and service in the industry often we are turning away work due to the type of equipment, cost to repair vs. replace or our sheer wait times for service.  Our services are offered to everyone on all makes however we will tell you up front if it’s worth it or not.  Sadly in this day there is a lot of equipment that was never designed to be serviced.  For instance, when did you have a toaster repaired last ? Mass retail makes items all to easy to just replaced, but are you getting the quality? Generally not.

We would like to invite you to explore our website. You will find links in the header that will take you to our popular pages.  There you can explore the professional products we sell, learn about our service work and more.  We also have links to our Social media pages if you so choose to follow along with our daily challenges and our triumphs!

I would like to personally thank  you for searching us up, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to use our Contact Us page to help access more information. – Greg Barr