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In electricity generation, a generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy for use in an external circuit.  Generators provide nearly all of the power for electric power grids.  Portable Generators are just much smaller versions.

Briggs  P2200 Inverter

Introducing the newest P2200 PowerSmart Series™ inverter generator. Designed with camping and tailgating in mind for quiet, lightweight and efficient power to easily enjoy the little conveniences of home anywhere you are – lights, fans, a coffee maker, laptop or TV. Now equipped with parallel capabilities – this provides tailgaters and campers with the additional power needed to run a RV’s HVAC unit, while simultaneously keeping the lights on, cell phones charging and music playing.

  • 2,200 Starting Watts
  • 1,700 Running Watts
  • 6.5 hr Run Time @ 25% Load
  • 2 x 120v House Hold Outlets
  • 1 x 12 VDC 5a Socket
  • Hour Meter
  • Low Oil Shut Down
  • Parallel Socket
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • 54 lbs.
Starting at $899.00

Briggs P3000 Inverter

Get more power for the great outdoors – camping, RV adventures or tailgating – with this P3000 PowerSmart Series™ Inverter Generator by Briggs & Stratton. Inverter technology makes it quieter than traditional camping generators, lightweight, and safe for sensitive electronics. Carrying handles and a telescoping handle make it easy to take it to where the fun is. Plus the on-board StatStation® display keeps you informed about power use, run time and maintenance reminders. Now that’s smart power.

  • 3,000 Staring Watts
  • 2,600 Running Watts
  • 10 hr Run time @ 25% Load
  • 4 x 120v House Hold Outlets
  • 1 x 12VDC 5a Socket
  • Hour Meter
  • Low Oil Shut Down
  • Parallel Socket
  • 30a Twist Lock
  • USB Charger
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • 84 lbs.

Starting at $1,499

Briggs P4500 Inverter

Designed with camping and recreation in mind, this inverter generator is quiet, lightweight and efficient to easily enjoy the little conveniences of home anywhere you are.

  • 4,500 Starting Watts
  • 3,700 Running Watts
  • Recoil Start
  •  Low Oil Shutdown
  • Hour Meter
  • Fuel Gauge
  •  3 year consumer warranty
  •  115 lbs

Starting at $1,599

Briggs Q6500 Inverter

Designed to give you quiet confidence during power outages, the Q6500 QuietPower™ Series inverter generator is more than 60% quieter1 than standard generators and can deliver 6,500 starting watts2 of reliable backup power.


  • 6,500 Starting Watts
  • 5,000 Running Watts
  • Up to 14 hours at 25% Load
  • Recoil Start
  • Low Oil Shutdown
  • Fuel Gauge
  • 2 year Consumer Warranty
  • 128 lbs

Starting at $1,799

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