Thu. Sep 16th, 2021


Barr’s Small Engines not only sells and services machines but we have an extensive parts inventory. We require parts on the shelf to service and repair equipment but also sell them over the counter for the DIY customer.

Not only do we offer the parts you will need, we most likely have them on the shelf, having probably the largest small engine dedicated parts inventory in the area we also buy our parts in bulk which allows us to sell them at lower prices.

Often we see people going to box stores where they bought their equipment for parts. This usually ends up with the following happening. The customer gets the wrong part, or gets a sub quality after market part. In most cases the parts provided by the mass retailers are 30% or higher in cost.


This increased cost is normally due to extra retail packaging, again we buy in bulk and eliminate the extra display packaging waste. As well having parts manufactured and distributed then sent to distribution warehouses and shipped half way across the country and then back again adds cost in handling.

We have yet to find a part hanging on a shelf at a box store that was less than our retail pricing.

Contact us today for all your DIY and maintenance needs.

Remember that the model number, serial number and any engine information is required to ensure we get you the proper parts. OEM’s are constantly changing parts to stay ahead of the aftermarket sources. So even though the model of the machine hasn’t changed in years the engine may have had 3 or more different air filter options. Trust us we know how frustrating this can be. Bringing as much information with you is never frowned on!

In most cases we provide the OEM parts, but for older machines aftermarket may be the only option, we have many options available from many different suppliers and varying prices to keep you in budget.