Thu. Jun 20th, 2019

Yearly Maintenance

yearly maintenance

Yearly Maintenance, what is it really ? according to your owners manual it’s very simple. You change your oil, spark plug, air filter, clean some air fins and add some fuel stabilizer before storage and BAM ! you are the master of your equipment.

In reality there is a little more to it, I’ll try to be brief yet informative. The above statement for the most part is true.  Small engines and outdoor power equipment for the most part is simple and the yearly maintenance is simple, if you have a few basic hand tools and some smarts you can do this yourself.

On the other hand, if you choose to bring your equipment to a professional what you are getting is all that and a bag of chips.  Barr’s Small Engines specializes in Small Engine and Power Equipment care and maintenance, we don’t do it as a pet project.  It has been full time for us for over 8 years, with an additional 14 in the making.

Through specific yearly service schools and courses we are trained and have the experience to take your yearly maintenance to the next level, yes will will change your oil, but we will also inspect the oil dip stick, seal and other parts of the engine to make sure not only do you have the right viscosity of oil, you have the right amount, there are not leaks or damaged parts that can lead to future leaks.  Our 22+ year career in this industry has trained us what to look for before the failure happens.

Changing the spark plug, a fairly simple task.  We change up to 30 plugs a day some days.  We have also seen many stripped threads, improper plugs because going to the “parts store” and buying the “small engine” plug is not the best option.  When you come to Barr’s for your yearly maintenance we know how much torque is needed, we know what the proper plug is for your machine (currently we stock around 50 different types) we can fix those damaged threads or just prevent them from happening in the first place.

When we change your air filter, we make sure that no dust or dirt is knocked free and dropped into the intake of your machine by accident, do know what filters we can clean and what ones we can’t, we use the proper filter, it’s installed the right way and we are also looking for any leaks in seals or gaskets or broken manifolds that may create air leaks.

There is a lot more to a proper yearly maintenance service than just the basics.  Most manuals will tell you that your tire pressures need to be set at a certain PSI but they won’t tell you why, and if you are using your machine for jobs outside of the normal envelope what can be done to prevent premature failure to your axles, steering linkage and bearings or bushings.

Many shops will say they offer a 170+ point inspection and service.  Because each machine differs slightly by design, manufacture, brand and model there are no set rules that apply to every machine.  Many have grease fittings, many do not. Some have bearings, others rely on bushings.  When a machine is in for a yearly maintenance program we can inspect these parts and replace them before they fail.

The small engine industry is very different than the automotive industry.  Yes, much of the training is the same, and many tools cross over.  However when you bring in your mower, snowblower, generator or trimmer to a shop like Barr’s we do EVERYTHING.  Steering, Brakes, Engines, Transmissions, Charging system, Electrical, even body work. Most automotive shops will specialize in one thing like tires, or oil changes. Even the major brand dealers will send out jobs like body work, steering and even tires to others. We do it all, and doing it all under one roof allow for a much more personalized service to your equipment.

If you are a the DIY kind of person, good for you! we know you are out there and there are many good videos on YouTube to assist you. We are here for those who don’t want to, don’t know how, or don’t have the time for yearly maintenance of their equipment.  Or for those of you who just get beyond your capabilities.

From simple oil changes to engine rebuilds we provide all the maintenance and service you will require.

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