Barr’s Small Engines provides warranty Parts, Service and Support for many premium industry brands such as the ones listed below, if you don’t see your brand, or are unclear if it was manufactured by one brand for another please give us a call and we can help you out.


Honda Engines

Briggs & Stratton Engines and Power Equipment

Kawasaki Engines

RedMax Equipment

Oregon Tools, Parts, Bars & Chains

MTD Equipment

Power More Engines by MTD

Makita Outdoor Power Equipment

The way Barr’s Small Engines handles warranty is to:

  1. Inspect in-house for any defects in workmanship or materials from the manufacturer
  2. Discuss with our customer the best option for correction of effected part or equipment
  3. Repair or replace defect
  4. Charge for repair or replacement
  5. Submit warranty for approval
  6. Credit customer after manufacturer approves warranty.
    1. The customer can also leave the equipment until we are compensated by the manufacturer if they don’t want to pay and be credited however it in our internal policy that nothing leaves our location without being paid in full.

We take these steps to protect both the brands we sell & service as well as to protect us as an independent dealer. Many issues that present undesired operation can come from lack of maintenance, miss use, neglect and age.  Not all issues are covered under warranty.

In most cases manufacturers limit their warranty to workmanship of parts or equipment at the factory (assembly or manufacturing processes) or Defects of materials (premature failure of materials like weak components)

Unfortunately we see most assumed warranty cases to be not true warranty, the biggest thing we see is fuel related issues. Fuel starts to turn bad within 30 days. If this causes your engine to not start then it is not considered a manufactures defect in either materials or workmanship.

We highly recommend you read your warranty information as well as the entire owners manual. Warranties can vary depending on the type of use. Also, not many people realize although oil changes on a schedule can be anywhere from 25, 50 or even 100 hours apart the initial oil change from new is usually a lot sooner. This is to ‘flush’ out any left over debris from any manufacturing process that can cause rapid or premature ware to your engine.

Neglect is not covered under warranty, I have turned down warranty to other dealers in a previous position for this and other reasons and it usually results in loss support for a brand when its not related to the brand or individual equipment at all.

Another issue we see a lot is normal wear. Think of a tire. Its designed to wear out over time, at the end of three years you can expect to have less tread on your tire, this is not a defect its normal.

Over time parts and equipment wear, all we can do is help prolong its useful life by maintaining it as required. Barr’s Small Engines has many commercial customers who use their equipment each and every day and rely on it to produce an income, equipment if regularly maintained will last a long time.

Currently we have one zero turn machine owned by a customer that we service regularly and it currently has over 2,600 hours of run time on it. The machine is about 10 years old, and used approximately 14 hours a week. We have replaced tires, blades, engine maintenance parts, belts and pulleys and its still making tall grass short.