Thu. Jun 20th, 2019

Vernal Equinox

In the Canada, the Vernal (Spring) Equinox marks the first day of astronomical spring and this year will take place on Monday, March 20, 2017 at 6:29 am.

Now you make think this is a crazy time to start talking about spring, but it’s going to be here before you know it. Think back to the winter of 2016/17 and how long it took to get your snow blower serviced. We are still processing machines that came in weeks ago due to back log.

This spring make sure you avoid the rush and think ahead. This year we want to focus on blade sharpening, too often we see machines come in with razor sharp knife edges (typically from that knife sharping truck that roams around) this is BAD for your mower, not only do they sharpen the blades with improper angles, but the sharper a blade is the quicker it will dull, chip and break.

Mower Blade
Sharping a mower blade

At Barr’s Small Engines we have over 20 years of blade sharpening experience, we know the proper angles, and wear limits.  You can only sharpen a blade so many times before it is not longer effective, we inspect blades for damage and we can make suggestions on replacements of OEM or Aftermarket and what will give you the best looking lawn and least amount of cost and maintenance.

Recently aftermarket blades have been on the rise, yes it’s generally better to reuse vs. replaced how ever with labour costs increasing you have to decide if a $10 sharpen on a blade or a replacement is what you are looking for.

The majority of Aftermarket blades we stock and sell are made by the company making for the OEM so they meet or exceed OEM quality.

If you are a DIY type of person and want your blade sharpened please bring it in, in most cases we can do it while you wait and at a reasonable cost. And you will have the peace of mind knowing it is done to industry standards, and not by that kitchen knife sharpener.  Cutting a stake or vegetables requires the use of a sharp kitchen utensil however think about this. Your lawn mower spins at 3,600 RPM, with a typical blade tip speed of 180 k/h grass doesn’t need a razor to cut at that speed.

As for the age or argument of the tips fraying and turning brown, it’s not only a dull blade that causes that, nutrients to the plant and environment effect it as much as the cut.

Bring your blade (or whole mower) in for a service or sharpen this spring to Barr’s Small Engines. The best service you can get for your power equipment.