Sun. Apr 21st, 2019



Engine work on a commercial machine

Regular Maintenance, Service & Repair is a big part of owning and operating small engines and small powered equipment. Over our 20+ years experience in this industry we have come to peace with the fact that not many owners read their owners manual or follow the recommended maintenance schedules.  But that’s OK, we can help you with all of your requirements.

Barr’s Small Engines is first and foremost a service facility.  With service work making up of the majority of our business, we take great pride in being the best place to bring your equipment for regular Maintenance & Repair.

We treat every repair as a new repair.  We don’t assume the next one is the same as the last one, each customer is unique and have their own way the like to operate and maintain their equipment.  Some customers we see each year, or multiple times a year, others we see every couple years or more. This makes servicing and maintaining your equipment an individual experience and we cater to that aspect with each repair.

Tracking all service work in our computer system makes it easy to follow trends and look up previous records and track for warranty of replacement parts.  As we grow and expand we rely on our digital system to keep track of this, and we hope to utilize it more each day. When we opened it was easy to keep track of our few customers, but to be honest my memory is not that great, with thousands of customers I can’t remember you all, your equipment usually yes.  But the computer makes sure you and you equipment are linked together and it makes for a better experience.

Each and every year we attend update training courses to further our education and learn what is new to be able to not only do our job quick, but do it right the first time.

Barr’s Small Engines is warranty certified for many manufacturers of engines and equipment.  We stand behind everything we sell, even the replacement parts!

We are also the local warranty dealer for many mass retail sold brands and there is no special treatment, ALL products in for repair or service is worked on in the time they come in, not who brought them in or what brand they are.  We work on EVERYTHING and don’t play favorites. The only exception to this rule will be emergency services and storm / natural disasters. You will see if there are lawn mowers in our shop in February they will get a back seat to any snow blowers or generators that are required for weather related conditions.




Our Service work was build on the needs of Homeowners and we do not prioritize any landscapers or commercial operators over homeowners like many other shops do.

Some of the more common products and types of equipment we work on are listed below, but if it has a small gas engine on it we will most likely have worked on it in the past and will work on them again.

  • Lawn / Garden Tractors & Commercial Zero Turn Riders
  • Push / Walk Behind Mowers
  • Snowblowers
  • Water Pumps
  • Generators
  • Pressure Washers
  • Chainsaws
  • String / Brush Trimmers
  • Log Splitters
  • Backpack / Handheld Blowers

We only use quality parts. Mostly OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), even for brands we are not a registered dealer for. We partner with other dealers and distributors in the area to be able to service your equipment even if you did not buy it from us.

For products we cannot get OEM parts for we use a few different brands of after market parts and accessories and only after we have tested them ourselves for quality.  We also stand behind all parts installed and sold by Barr’s Small Engines.  Everything we sell has a warranty.

Whatever your service requirements are; chain sharpening to major engine rebuilds.  We have the expertise and equipment to do it right, the first time.  Bring us your equipment for routine service and see the difference.

Broken front axle on a John Deere lawn tractor

Below is a list of common repairs that we have been able to provide a “flat rate” for.  Many manufacturers use flat rate tables for warranty, and after reviewing many of them as well as our own history we have been able to provide a list of common repair items and pricing on them that will save you money.

Our service fee rate for 2019 is now $120.00 / Hour. This reflects our quality of work, Education & Experience. Labour rates are hard to price and you will see variable rates at different shops, ever year as we grow we look at the quality of work we provide, our turn around times, the education we gain as well as the level of dealer we are. Being a warranty dealership for many brands we Charge both end users and manufacturers the same rates for labour.

Flat Rate Guide

Blade sharpen $10 off / $25 on (we can sharpen blades over the counter usually while you wait)

Chainsaw chain sharpening $18 off / $25 on

Tire repair (tube/plug) $20 + parts

Recoil repair $20 off  / $35 on + parts

Carburetor rebuild $50 off / by the hour if on a machine + parts

Walk mower tune-up $74.25 + parts

Self Propelled Walk mower $89.10 + parts

Snowblower service $89.10 + parts

Lawn tractor tune up $148.50 + parts

Zero turn mower $198 + parts

Commercial mower from $220.75 + parts

Above is only a list of our more popular services, we can provide all service work related to outdoor power equipment and small engines from complete engine rebuilds, transmission repairs, frame and chassis work, brakes, steering, tire & wheel, mower deck & attachments (install and service), electrical, fuel, exhaust and much more.

If in doubt please contact us through our site or by phone for more information.

And remember we specialize in the sale, maintenance, repair and parts of Outdoor Power Equipment and engines of all makes. We DO NOT fix electric motors, pool pumps, power tools, air compressors, or vacuums. We also DO NOT rent equipment.

All service work is subject to a 5% “shop” fee, this includes our disposable supplies such as lubricants and rags as well as environmentally friendly handling and disposal of waste oil and fuel from equipment along with other non inventory parts like nuts, washers, bolts, zip ties, heat shrink tube, connectors, wire etc. We have generalized this service to 5% of the invoice price as we have found it to be a lot cheaper than recording the time and each little part like a missing washer or 12″ of tape required to complete the repair. If you require a detailed list of any shop supplies needed we will be glade to break it down, but as always time is money and our working order writing time will be added to the invoice to reflect the time spent calculating the actual costs.