Thu. Jun 20th, 2019


Barr’s Small Engines carries Briggs & Stratton premium generators.  These units range from 1,150 watt all the way up to 8,000 watt in both conventional and digital inverter style for clean and quiet power.

As an independent dealer we chose to carry the Briggs & Stratton line for a few reasons

  • Quality;  One of the most important things to us, and although there are many quality generators out there Briggs is at the top. Their products have a very robust frame or enclosure depending on the model, and the fit and finish in regards to switches, plugs and other controls is second to none.
  •  After-sales support;  Parts and warranty.  Many manufactures don’t have strong dealer networks, or a dealer network at all and we understand just because you buy your equipment from Barr’s you won’t always be nearby when it needs service.  Briggs & Stratton has one of the largest dealer networks world wide and in most populated towns you will find more than one dealer for parts, warranty and service.
  • Price;  Many products sold at mass retailers have very low prices and as a dealer we struggle to compete with this every day.  This is primarily due to volume and lack of after-sales support.  Briggs sells at both mass retailers as well as independent dealers. Their prices are standard and when you consider the added value of having you machine assembled professionally and test ran before you get it there is not comparison to other brands out there.

Although we are a smaller dealer and we don’t have the facility to stock every unit we do carry popular models and in most cases if you need it we can get it the same day or next.  Our Briggs warehouse is very close by and that also benefits us and you when it comes to after-sales support for both parts and technical assistance

If you’re in the market for a new generator check out of Generators Sales page for more info and a sample of the units we carry or come see us and we will tailor fit the proper unit to your needs.  Another service mass retails don’t have.