Sat. Dec 15th, 2018

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Barr’s Small Engines operates between the ours of 9:30 am to 5:30 pm Tuesday to Saturday.  From time to time we need to close during these regular hours for personal reasons. This cannot be avoided when you run a “one man” operation. All of our scheduled holidays will be posted on our Facebook pages as well as our Google page for when the shop is planned to be closed. Below are a number of ways you can Contact Us !

Phone 905-876-6365

You can contact us by Phone, however during peek seasons we may be unavailable as our shop fills up fast with service work. Alternatively we could be helping a customer in person or even out of the shop briefly for a errand or pick-up.  If you were unable to reach us by phone please try again, leave a message or send us a note through our website.  If you leave a message, we will return you call when we can, there is no need to leave a message then continue to call and call and call. We may be in the middle of checking our messages or on the phone and it’s frustrating to have the same person call over and over and not properly devote the time to get back to you, or have others put off because you are tying up our time. Leave a message if we don’t answer and we will get back to you.


We offer our customers a chance to contact us through our website which is then forwarded to our e-mail.  We use a “contact us form” as we know digital contact is important, however we need to protect ourselves from Spam etc.  We also DO NOT need pictures of you lawn mower or snowblower and what is wrong, we CANNOT fix it through e-mail so pictures are irrelevant to us, should the need arise we will reply to your e-mail and request this.  Please fill out the info required and in most cases a phone call back to you will be our first response.

Contact Us
Please provide us with a phone number you can be reached at.
Please let us know in a few short words what we can help you with.


Our physical location is at 53 Armstrong Ave. unit #3 in Georgetown.  Below is a map for those of you who need directions to drop off a piece of equipment for repair or drop by for parts & whole goods pick up.  We offer a limited show room, and are every expanding the products in our displays for that hands on feel and welcome you to come in and see us during our normal operating hours.